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East Africa Aquaculture

Michael Shaw is providing Interim Director support to the Gatsby and DfID funded Msingi in East Africa. The fund has recently approved a bold new strategy developed with assistance from Wellspring and led by Mike Shaw to invest significantly into East Africa’s aquaculture sector to accelerate growth and transform the sector.

Mozambique Poultry

Michael Shaw has provided advice on a series of potential investments for CEPA / World Bank (IFC) into the poultry value chain in Mozambique – specifically looking at poultry companies, soybean producers, oilseed millers/crushers, feed companies and day old chick production.

Tea Sector Investment in Tanzania

Michael Shaw has recently completed pre-feasibility investment studies and due diligence for a potential tea sector investment in Tanzania on behalf of AgDevCo. For one year, Michael held the role of Country Director for AgDevCo Tanzania Ltd based in Dar es Salaam and is now consulting for AgDevCo on their projects and investments in East and Southern Africa.

Executive Director AgDevCo Tanzania

Michael Shaw has accepted an Executive Director position with AgDevCo, a long standing Wellspring client. AgDevCo has more than $140 million of funds under management and to date has made >40 investments, with individual deals ranging in size from $250,000 to $10million. Michael will be Executive Director and Country Director for Tanzania. The Tanzania portfolio currently has commitments of $30.8 million.

Northern Kenya Livestock Inputs Market

Co-funded by bilateral donors, Kenyan businesses and NGOs, we have carried out detailed field research and completed a market report on Northern Kenya’s livestock input markets titled ‘Time for change: The impact of recent livestock emergency interventions on the future of sustainable service delivery in Northern Kenya’.

Prefeasibility study for large-scale edible oil processing plants in Mozambique and Malawi

On behalf of AgDevCo, Mount Meru and Syngenta, our team has carried out a pre-feasibility study to assess the potential for large-scale edible oil processing plant(s) in Mozambique and Malawi. It included the analysis of raw material supply (soya, sunflower, cottonseed), processing economics, logistics and regional markets for oil and cake.

Dairy Market Study

Ahead of significant investment into a leading Kenyan dairy company, we have carried out a market study on behalf of a multinational food company looking at the market size and opportunities for ‘affordable’ dairy products and technologies in the region.

Farm Africa Detailed Strategy Development & Advice

This month we completed a contract for Farm Africa and Farm Africa Enterprises providing a detailed strategy and advice for the board and SMT on linking markets to large numbers of smallholder farmers and improved Farm Africa engagement with the private sector. The work has also included the development and modeling of 2 large scale investment partnerships in Uganda and Tanzania, analysis of six ongoing Farm Africa projects, and advice on the development of a payment for ecosystem services (PES) model linked to a downstream hydro-power station in Ethiopia.

Investing in High Quality Cassava Flour

Investing in High Quality Cassava Flour

Since 2009 Wellspring has consulted for Universal Industries Ltd and partnered on development of investments into new processing plants that add value to locally produced agricultural commodities for export.

We are delighted that Universal have recently announced the opening of their bold and innovative new High Quality Cassava Flour processing plant which takes locally grown Cassava and processes it into a flour used both as a starch for export to regional packaging companies, and as a wheat flour import substitute for biscuits, local bakers and nutritional food products.

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