Smart Farm - a new approach to farming?

I am honoured to have played an advisory and Interim CEO role during the development and start-up phase of CIEL – the largest applied animal research group in Europe. And I’m happy to see CIEL and the wider 4 UK Agricultural Innovation Centres going from strength to strength, including with the smart farm JV with China.

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Food Trade East Africa

Growing structured trade in East and Southern Africa’s staple food crop markets:

Wellspring have been providing senior advisory support to FTESA and DFID, in addition to acting as the DFID nominee on a Joint Technical Committee to review the performance of GSOKO (commodity exchange, warehouse certification, standards) under the East Africa Grains Council (EAGC).

Following this Wellspring and partners at Darhei Noam have worked with a broad range of stakeholders, including rural commodity aggregators, warehouses, large regional offtakers/millers and banks to develop recommendations for new ways of implementing structured trade.

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Tanzania Tea Sector Development

Tanzania Tea Sector Development

Wellspring are currently supporting the Chai Programme on various national level tea sector investments and development projects.

Interim CEO for CIEL

The Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL) was incorporated in 2016.

From cell to system, CIEL delivers global leading livestock production and product quality research to deliver improved food quality and farming systems.

CIEL provides a focused gateway to a core of 12 world-class research institutes including veterinary schools, researchers and facilities to develop new industry-needed solutions as well as commercial trial farms for real world results.

Wellspring are assisted CIEL establish its operations and medium term strategy, with Michael Shaw acting as Interim CEO.

East Africa Aquaculture

Michael Shaw is providing Interim Director support to the Gatsby and DfID funded Msingi in East Africa. The fund has recently approved a bold new strategy developed with assistance from Wellspring and led by Mike Shaw to invest significantly into East Africa’s aquaculture sector to accelerate growth and transform the sector.

East Africa Industry Development with Msingi

Mike Shaw is currently providing services as a senior adviser to the \Gatsby Charitable Foundation\‘s\ Africa team with a particular current focus on the development of a new East African institution called Msingi.

Msingi is an ambitious and innovative new East African industry development organisation aiming to contribute to the structural transformation of East Africa’s economies by supporting the growth of industries with high potential for competitiveness in the region.

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) have committed GBP 30 million in total to fund Msingi’s first 5 years, and Gatsby is in the process of setting up the organisation through 2015.

Mike is helping Msingi primarily with appraisal and strategy development for potential work in the East African aquaculture, soybean, livestock feeds and broader white protein agricultural sub-sectors.

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Mozambique Poultry

Michael Shaw has provided advice on a series of potential investments for CEPA / World Bank (IFC) into the poultry value chain in Mozambique – specifically looking at poultry companies, soybean producers, oilseed millers/crushers, feed companies and day old chick production.

Tea Sector Investment in Tanzania

Michael Shaw has recently completed pre-feasibility investment studies and due diligence for a potential tea sector investment in Tanzania on behalf of AgDevCo. For one year, Michael held the role of Country Director for AgDevCo Tanzania Ltd based in Dar es Salaam and is now consulting for AgDevCo on their projects and investments in East and Southern Africa.