East Africa Industry Development with Msingi

East Africa Industry Development with Msingi

Mike Shaw is currently providing services as a senior adviser to the Gatsby Charitable Foundation’s Africa team with a particular current focus on the development of a new East African institution called Msingi.

Msingi is an ambitious and innovative new East African industry development organisation aiming to contribute to the structural transformation of East Africa’s economies by supporting the growth of industries with high potential for competitiveness in the region.

Msingi will:

  • Identify strategic industries in East Africa with strong potential for competitiveness, through rigorous analysis and market engagement
  • Enable innovation & growth in these industries through a highly flexible range of mechanisms based on the specific dynamics and needs of the industries – but likely to involve:
    - supporting technology transfer, capability building & access to finance for pioneering businesses whose growth can catalyse the wider industry
    - Industry-level support designed holistically to address wider bottlenecks to competitiveness, such as training on, standards, pricing, coordination, policy, etc. as needed
  • Over the longer term (after 4-5 yrs of operation), explore targeted support to benefit key cross-cutting elements of the overall innovation environment, such as in technical training or the supply of risk capital

Msingi is well-resourced to build a strong East African private sector skillset & culture and world-class knowledge & expertise in industry development. The organisation will be set up for the long term (at least 20+ years) and be independent of governments but able to partner with and advise them.

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) have committed GBP 30 million in total to fund Msingi’s first 5 years, and Gatsby is in the process of setting up the organisation through 2015.

Mike is helping Msingi primarily with appraisal and strategy development for potential work in the East African aquaculture, soybean, livestock feeds and broader white protein agricultural sub-sectors.