Interim CEO for CIEL

Interim CEO for CIEL

The Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL) was incorporated in 2016. It is the largest applied animal research group in Europe.

From cell to system, CIEL delivers global leading livestock production and product quality research to deliver improved food quality and farming systems.

CIEL provides a focused gateway to a core of 12 world-class research institutes including veterinary schools, researchers and facilities to develop new industry-needed solutions as well as commercial trial farms for real world results.

Wellspring are assisted CIEL establish its operations and medium term strategy, with Michael Shaw acting as Interim CEO. The project and role includes numerous activities:

- Developing a sustainable 5-Year business plan
- Managing £30million co-investments into 12 new UK livestock research facilities
- Reporting to Innovate UK
- Training and managing the executive team
- Facilitating collaboration between industry members and research providers for new innovation projects
- Leading the development of major collaborative programmes that involve cross-Centre working
- Identifying opportunities and coordinating activities to secure private and public sector funding to support the centre’s activities and sustainability
- Ensuring all legal and Regulatory compliance