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Wellspring is a consulting company focused primarily on development of agricultural market systems and businesses. We work alongside private, public and third-sector partners providing project development and strategy consulting, interim senior management services and investment advice.

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Catalysing trade in regional staple food markets, focusing on grain
  • Michael Shaw

Catalysing trade in regional staple food markets, focusing on grain

As part of the UK Aid-funded Food Trade East and Southern Africa (FTESA) project, Wellspring worked with large offtake partners (grain buyers) to develop and trial new inclusive grain supply chain models, capture learning and develop recommendations to catalyse inclusive trade in regional staple food markets.

How to double the market for Nitrogen fixation technologies in Africa
  • Jennifer Dudfield

How to double the market for Nitrogen fixation technologies in Africa

As part of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded N2 Africa project, Wellspring are assisting with the development of a “go-to-market” strategy for the existing assets on rhizobial inoculants in African agriculture. Wellspring is evaluating the piloting of inoculant supply to smallholder farmers across 11 countries, assessing business cases for investment, potential models to assist with the inoculant supply and the role of investments in the development of supply chains. Using all available data, Wellspring is developing a clear and viable business case for investment in the inoculant supply chain, including local production versus importing, the major bottlenecks to be overcome and any technical barriers to inoculant supply (e.g. product quality, storage and transportation)

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Capturing lessons from DFID’s support of Tanzania’s SAGCOT Centre

DFID Tanzania has commissioned Wellspring to carry out a project completion report for DFID’s support to the SAGCOT Centre. This aims to capture lessons and inform future support to commercial agriculture in Tanzania. We are assessing overall performance (of the centre and DFID’s support programme), organisational capacity (performance, staffing, governance and coordination) and learning (monitoring activities, strategy and lessons identified). Our assessment will be based on the centre’s existing information; discussions with staff, partners and potential partners; and a review of approaches by other organisations.

DFID poultry sector study

Wellspring have recently finished a detailed review for DFID to gain a better understanding of the scope of its current engagement in the poultry sector (chicken and eggs) in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia and to develop a strategy and approach that will deliver the intended outcomes of increased sustainable, inclusive growth and improved nutrition. Specifically looking at significant market constraints such as access to finance, inputs (chicks, feed, vet services) and any current health and animal welfare issues. We have proposed a strategy and approach for how DFID should structure their future agricultural programmes in the sector to maximise development impact and sustainability.

Commercialising pen-side diagnostics for livestock disease

Wellspring carried out detailed market analysis and advisory for Biotangents to help progress the commercial development and business strategy of a new diagnostic test to catch diseases on-farm, prior to the spread of the disease throughout the herd or region.

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